This is our 20th year of being red hot on the railway. It’s been a long and exciting journey, here are a few highlights…

The big numbers

You’ve sipped your way through 12,532,000 cups of tea and munched 5,060,640 Great British Breakfasts from our onboard menu since it launched.

That’s 43,164,160 rashers of bacon and 14,409,200 eggs (we didn’t try to count the baked beans).

Do the time-warp

You don’t need a DeLorean and a flux capacitor to travel back to the start of all the action. Here’s the last 20 years, condensed into 8 potent shots of nostalgia…

1997: You took 14 million journeys with us when we took over the west coast franchise.

2004: We started running the first timetabled 125mph tilting trains.

2008: We increased services and reduced journey times thanks to the introduction of the Virgin High Frequency Timetable.

2012: New 11-car Pendolinos were introduced to keep up with growing passenger numbers.

2013: We introduced an hourly service between London and Scotland.

2015: We changed the game with the introduction of Automatic Delay Repay. An industry first, naturally.

2016: Last year saw the launch of our onboard entertainment service, BEAM. Bringing hours of pleasure to everyone.

2017: As we turn 20 we’ve made over 37 million journeys in the last year.

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