Two weeks to do what you enjoy

The average Brit has just 17 days of free time a year including weekends. Shocking isn’t it? Our study found that in one entire year, we get a max of about two weeks to have some proper ‘down time’.

You may want to go on an impromptu adventure, climb a mountain, or simply Netflix and chill. But whatever you fill your free time with, make sure it’s something you enjoy, because spare time seems to be in short supply these days.

The world just seems to move too fast, throwing us in all sorts of directions. But have you ever stopped to think about exactly how much spare time you’ve got to play with? If you knew, perhaps you’d make some extra effort to maximise your down time. Because we all deserve to play hard as well as work hard.

The thing with us humans is we tend to make excuses not to do things. So, if you keep saying to yourself ‘I never have any free time’, then take action and make time. Even if it’s just a few heavenly hours a week.

Calculate your free time

Our summer campaign, #FreeMe is all about inspiring you to make the most of your valuable free time, using it to do something you’ve always dreamed of. Like abseiling down a cliff, swimming under waterfalls, or uncovering new cities.

If you want to max out your free time, head over to our new Free Me Calculator and find out exactly how much free time you’ve got each year. See how your spare time fares against the British average of 17 days.

Just where does the time go?

Ever wonder why you’ve never got any free time? Well now you can find out what resources are draining all your energy, as the calculator tells you how much time you spend on various tasks each week.

You might be fascinated to know what most people spend their time on:

  • 103 days a year sleeping
  • 9 days a year on social media
  • 11 days of the year cooking and eating
  • 8 days a year doing housework
  • 7 days a year doing exercise
  • 5 days a year in the bathroom

A third of us (32%) feel we have less time than we did five years ago, and living in a digital world, it’s easy to see why this is happening. Especially as most of us seem to spend a frightfully huge chunk of our day glued to our phones like zombies. Put that phone down before it becomes an actual extension of your hand!

Maybe it’s social media that’s draining your hours away, or you might just be working too darn hard. Did you know that the average person spends nine full days a year on social media? Just think what else you could be doing with this time. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on what you’re really sacrificing. Apparently, sleep, sex and socialising are the top things we miss out on.

Whatever it is you fill your days with, you can make a change and clear your schedule, even if it’s only a few hours a week. That time is priceless.

Unleash your inner explorer

If chilling at home doesn’t really float your boat, and you see yourself as a bit of an adventurer, why not hop on a train to distant lands? Our research found that travel is at the top of the list of things we’d like to do with our free time.

It’s so easy to jump on a train, and in a few short hours you can set foot in some of Britain’s most delightful cities, like Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow. And you can use the journey to unwind, because almost half of Brits (47%) agree it’s relaxing to travel by train.

It’s so important to spend any spare time you’ve got doing things that really matter, like being with people you care about or going on epic new adventures. We hate to say it, but you’ve only got one life, make sure you go out and live it.

Try the Free Me Calculator

Time is of the essence, so get your butt in gear and do something incredible. But first, figure out how much free time you’ve got at your disposal, using our Free Me Calculator.

Once you’ve got your results from the Free Me Calculator, you’ll have the chance to book train tickets for your very own Free Me journey.

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