At this time of year, everyone is running a little low on spare cash. However, a great way to get over the post-Christmas and New Year blues is to round up your mates for a mini break somewhere or a night out in a new and exciting town! Of course that brings some significant costs if you’re staying overnight, but travel needn’t be cause for concern. Here’s our guide to saving money when travelling with pals.

Get a Railcard

Do you still get misty eyed at the thought of the days when you could save up to a third on your train tickets with the young person’s railcard? Well if you’re over 25 and under 30, you’re in luck! If you’ve heard the fuss about the ‘millennial railcard’ in the news recently, what that means is the young person’s railcard is now available for people aged up to 30 to use on off-peak travel for an annual fee of £30. This will help you save a lot of money for weekend breaks with your mates, provided you’re all sprightly young 20 somethings. If you’ve just missed the new age bracket, don’t worry as there are other options. 


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If you’re planning a weekend trip that’s child friendly, bring the kids for a discount on your train tickets! With a fixed price family ticket from Virgin Trains, up to two adults and four children can travel for the fixed price of £65. If you want to treat the family you can also get a family first class ticket for £130.

This railcard costs £30 for a year, and you have to have at least one child travelling with you to be able to apply the discount. (And no, it won’t work if one of your mates wears a dungarees and brings a teddy).

Finally, if you’re having a bit of a couple’s excursion, there’s the ‘Two Together’ railcard that will knock a third off your train tickets for standard, first class, off-peak and advanced fares for, you’ve guessed it, £30 per year! A great  investment if you and your significant other love a good staycation.

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Take a Sleeper Train

The sleeper train has been gaining popularity in recent years, particularly with the rise in  

UK based holidays. According to travel data company Sojern, there was a 23.8% rise in British holidaymakers planning UK stays for summer 2017.

The sleeper train is a great option for a quick weekend break to Scotland - particularly for those with a fear of flying - as you have more time to spend in your destination when the train arrives early in the morning. It also means you aren’t spending  a day travelling, as it’s all done while you’re snoozing. You can also offset the cost of the ticket against what a hotel would cost if you were planning to take a train up on a Friday for example.

If you’re willing to take a seat for the 8 hour journey from London to Edinburgh, the tickets are an absolute steal at £90 for two adults (booked in advance). If you need to recline and sleep through the journey, the tickets are priced at £200 for two adults.

Book With Us

Finally, depending on the size of your group, you could potentially save up to 20% on your rail fare by booking online via our group travel page. The discount is applied for groups of more than 3 people, provided you book in advance. Of course, booking in advance is definitely one of the best ways to save money on travel, and the further in advance you book the more you can save. Visit our advance ticket calendar to find the most reasonably priced tickets for your journey.

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