We really want to make sure your time on our trains is safe, enjoyable and worry-free.

This is why we think it is super important to share with you some hints and tips on how you can use your devices, gadgets and tech securely while you’re with us (It may even help you when you’re not too!).

Quick Tips


Using WiFi

WiFi, glorious WiFi! Ours is free on most of our services, but be careful who you connect to. Ours will always have our landing page, be careful not to connect to someone else’s.

Find out more about our WiFi here.

Shoulder Surfing

This isn’t what you might do at a rock concert. No, this is not as fun as it might sound. Be careful with what you have on your screen and who might see it.

Find out more here.

Don't lose it

There’s been plenty of stories in the news where people have left USB Drives, Laptops and Important paperwork on trains (and they really, really shouldn’t have).

Don’t let that be you - make sure to take all your belongings with you.



If you can avoid talking about sensitive topics, then it’s best to. The easiest way to avoid eavesdropping, and especially important if you’re in a busy area.

Otherwise, you could invent your own language? No? Worth a try.

Shoulder Surfing

The term “Shoulder Surfing” is used to describe when people may be looking at your screen. This may be because they are right next to you sat on the train or behind you (hence “Shoulder” surfing, clever huh?).

Installing the Virgin Trains Alexa skill

Can you avoid it?

If you can avoid talking about sensitive topics, then it’s best to. Especially if you’re on a busy carriage.

Eavesdropping is hard to avoid, as it’s difficult for anyone to not listen to a juicy conversation.

Enabling payment on the Virgin Trains Alexa skill

Using a screen?

If you are using a device that has a screen, like a laptop, phone or tablet. Try tilting it away from anyone near you.

If you’re regularly using a screen, and maybe for business purposes or something else you might want to keep private. It may be worth investing in a “Privacy Screen”. These are sheets of plastic that are placed over your screen and stops anyone not directly in front from reading the contents. 

Virgin Trains Alexa Skill

Build a wall

If you still can’t avoid prying eyes on the train, and you really want to keep your privacy, another trick is to use a bag, coat or otherwise to block prying eyes.

We’re not suggesting you build a fort, but a carefully placed bag or coat may be able to give you the privacy you need.


Hot (spot) Stuff

We provide WiFi on our services, and if you want to use it, make sure you’re connecting to us.

We have a landing page that you must visit before you get connected. If you find a WiFi that doesn’t, don’t use it! Turn off any features that will automatically connect your device to any available Wi-Fi network.

While you’re at it, turn off your Bluetooth unless you need to use it.

Look out for HTTPS://

If you do surf online, make sure the address of the website (URL) you’re visiting starts with “HTTPS” because the “S” stands for secure, and is safer to use.

While you’re encrypted, your information can’t be eavesdropped on the internet.

It’s true that the bad guys (and girls) could use HTTPS, so make sure you use websites you know and trust.

Minimise your exposure

Make sure you choose the right settings on your devices that recognises the network you connect to as public.

If you don’t need to use the WiFi, then disable the WiFi settings on your device. Not only will you get better battery life, you avoid WiFi issues all together.

Keep up to date

Be sure to update your software and apps.

We’ve all been guilty of ignoring updates. However, most software updates are released because they offer fixes for newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Be sure to keep your operating system and anti-virus up to date.

Where can you go to find out more?

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) regularly publish information on how to stay safe using your technology. Visit https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/section/information-for/individuals-families to find out more information (they have tips for businesses and professionals too).