Virgin Trains is no longer operating trains

As of 8 December 2019, Virgin Trains no longer operates trains in the United Kingdom. All tickets purchased through this website prior to that date are still valid, but compensation claims for any delays or cancellations will need to be made through the company operating that train.

Train delayed? Here's how to claim compensation

Getting a refund for a cancelled or delayed train varies depending on the company that operates your train, so we’ve compiled some handy links and advice for you.

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Will I be compensated automatically

Your ticket may qualify for Automatic Delay Repay, which means you don’t have to do anything!

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Apply for Delay Repay

If your tickets don’t qualify for Automatic Delay Repay, don’t worry. You can find links to claim manually here.

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Get a refund

If you decide not to travel at all due to a delay, cancellation or other qualifying reasons, find out what your refund rights are here.

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Automatic Delay Repay

Delay Repay

What's 'Delay Repay'? 

Delay Repay is a scheme to compensate you if your train was delayed for any reason. Not all companies offer it, so check your train company’s website to find out more. 

If your train company doesn't offer Delay Repay, you can still get compensation under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, but you won’t get as much. And if the delay wasn’t the train company’s fault – because of bad weather for example – you won’t get anything.


Delay Repay

Compensation calculator

Just enter a few details about your journey to find out how much you could be entitled to.

Compensation calculator

You could receive: £ 000.00