Say hello to BEAM, our free onboard entertainment service. Giving you access to hundreds of hours of the universe’s best TV and movies, from classics to cult viewing. We’ve also got newspapers, magazines, and games, all ready and waiting to be streamed direct to your device.

 Smartphones & tablets

For smartphones or tablets, all you need to do is head to once you’re onboard.


For laptops, all you need to do is head to once you’re onboard.
A wide selection of the latest blockbusters, news, and magazines

A whole world of entertainment

BEAM is updated daily with fresh news, your favourite shows and more.


An ever changing world of entertainment

BEAM now features some of the best UKTV Play shows. Updated and refreshed monthly.

So, what's on?

BEAM has hundreds of hours of the best fresh-off-the-box-office movies and cult classics, and all your TV favourites. As well as daily news, weekly reads, glossy monthly mags, and a whole host of boredom-banishing games.

Updated daily to keep things fresh, all ready and waiting to be streamed direct to your device. Just try not to miss your stop.

Top questions

Is BEAM free?

Yes! Whether you’re in First Class or Standard, access to BEAM is totally free. You won’t have to ever pay for content or Internet to enjoy it.

Can I use BEAM on any device?

Pretty much! On devices like Android phones and laptops just connect to our onboard WiFi and head to On devices that use iOS (iPhones and iPads) you’ll definitely need our BEAM app. See our FAQs for a list of supported browsers and devices.

Can I use BEAM after getting off the train?

Nope, sorry. You can only watch BEAM when you’re onboard our trains, but if you haven’t finished what you’re watching, BEAM will remember where you got to (as long as you’re using the same device). Clever.

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