Mums-to-be pass for pregnant travellers

A seat for you (and your bump)

We know it can be tough standing for two, so we’re here to help. If you’re pregnant, travelling with us and are worried about getting a seat, say a quick ‘hello’ to our station teams before you board the train. They’ll do everything they can to get you a seat. Or, once onboard, there’s a Train Manager on every train. Let them know you’re pregnant and they’ll find you a seat.

Mums-to-be pass

The Mums-to-be Pass

Frequent traveller?

If you travel with us often, it might feel like a hassle to keep finding a team member to help. So, we’ve come up with a solution. If you’re travelling while 20+ weeks pregnant, head to one of our Ticket Offices in advance and grab one of our Mum-to-be passes. It’s guaranteed to get you off your feet and into a seat.

Virgin Trains employee helping a mum to be

Mums-to-be upgrades

Of course, our Mum-to-be pregnancy pass is free, and you might even get bumped up to First Class if there’s nothing available in Standard. We can also help get you onboard at a quiet spot if you’re travelling on a very busy train. Just chat to our station team beforehand.

How to get your Mum-to-be Pass

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Step 1

Download and fill out our Mums-to-be form (or pick one up at a Virgin Trains Ticket Office).

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Step 2

Drop your filled-out form into one of our Ticket Offices along with a passport photo and MAT B1 form. This will get you a National Rail Photocard and a signed Mum-to-be Pass.

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Step 3

You’re good to go. Once onboard, simply flash your train ticket, National Rail Photocard and Mum-to-be Pass to our Train Manager and they’ll take care of you.