It’s the most magical time of the year

08th December 2015

Seriously, who doesn’t love Christmas? Fun, family and friends – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.
Naturally, though, we knew that if anyone could make it better, it would be us. We wanted to mark the occasion with something a little special, and give primary school-aged kids all across Great Britain the chance for their dreams to be made reality… and give them the very merriest Christmas we could. 
But how do you go about turning a dream into reality? Why, you turn it into a train, of course! 
In September, we launched the Virgin Christmas Train competition for 2015: design your ultimate Christmas Train, and we’ll make it for real.
To make things extra special, we partnered up with children’s reading charity Book Trust and celebrated children’s author and illustrator Jill Murphy (author of the Worst Witch!) to help us pick a winner – who could be better qualified? 
Entries flooded in from all over Great Britain – merry family scenes, sleighs, snowy landscapes, Santas and elves – all the best bits of Christmas. We were practically snowed under.
After digging our way out, we pored over all of them and realised we’d come up against a bit of a challenge. The judging was just too hard. Or rather, the entries were just too good. We cracked. Instead of our one winner, we were torn between two! Then we had an idea. Why not two winners? One Christmas train for the West Coast and one for the East coast. And so were born the Penguilino and the Claus 91.
But why just tell you about them, when we’ve got this snazzy video instead? Have a watch!

From all of us here at Virgin Trains, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas.