An easier way to get a seat when you’re expecting

27th October 2016

Seats for pregnant passengers mums to be

When you’re travelling and expecting a baby, you’ve got a lot going on! Getting off your feet and into a seat while on a moving train can really make things easier.

This is why we’ve introduced a Mums-to-be Pass.

The Mums-to-be Pass

The Mums-to-be Pass is a free pass that can be obtained from any Virgin Trains ticket office with a MAT-B1 form (to confirm that you are over 20 weeks pregnant). This is the same form you’ll obtain to provide to your employer, for example. You’ll also need a passport photo.

You’ll get a National Rail Photocard and a Mums-to-be Pass. Showing this signed card to on board or station staff will help you get a seat on a busy train, and they will do their best to assist you.

We always hope all passengers are respectful of others on the service, but the Mums-to-be pass is an extra helping hand to get pregnant travellers into a seat.

First Class upgrades for pregnant travellers

If you’ve got a Mums-to-be Pass, our station or on board staff will help you find a place to sit. If you’ve got a Standard ticket and it’s not possible to get you comfortable in this part of the train, the Train Manager may move you into First Class where it’s usually quieter.

What other mums think

Pregnancy can be a turbulent time! Here’s what some influential mums have to say about the benefit of a Mums-to-be Pass.

"Travelling when you are heavily pregnant can be quite an ordeal, every part of you aches and it’s extremely hard to get comfortable.  It’s worse still if you end up having to stand, as no one seems courteous enough to give up their seat - you know the ones that won’t make eye contact with you because really deep down they know they should.  So instead you find yourself trying to balance as best as you can whilst desperately trying to breathe in when anyone passes you in the aisle.  The Mums-to-be pass sounds like a godsend; you might even get upgraded to First Class so you and your bump can travel in style!" Karen Langridge – Really Missing Sleep

"Before I got pregnant with my first child, I remember thinking it would be easy to get a seat on public transport to protect my bump when getting around London. The reality, however, was slightly different, as there are simply so many people trying to get to work and meetings on time, and pregnant ladies are not always easy to spot in the crowds. The fact that many make the most of the time and don’t look up from smartphones or newspapers also makes it tricky to make eye contact with other passengers occupying the much-desired seats. In addition, I felt embarrassed to ask for a seat if no one spotted me and my bump. I think the Mums-to-be pass is a great initiative from Virgin Trains, making it easier for pregnant ladies to get a seat-or more confidence to ask a fellow passenger to give up theirs.

Now that I’ve been through two pregnancies myself I’m always on the lookout for pregnant women, offering my seat as soon as I see someone standing. You never know if a pregnant lady is loving being pregnant and having an easy journey, or if you’re next to someone who’s had a rough time and really appreciates the gesture and the opportunity to sit." Tine Cecilie Thoresen – Mummy in the City

"Netmums is delighted to support the Virgin Trains’ Mums-to-be Pass and Pregnancy Upgrade policy. As a mum who had to sit on the floor of the train while pregnant on her daily commute to work, I very much hope all other train networks will follow suit!" Annie O’Leary - Editor in Chief, Netmums

"Travelling on a train whilst pregnant isn't easy and it isn't helped when your centre of gravity isn't where it usually is.  A train that jolts and sways can be really dangerous, and I have found myself sat on a train floor before when I was too pregnant to stand and not offered a seat.  Whilst often I was offered a seat thanks to my rather prominent and large bump, there were experiences, including one only four days before my daughter arrived, where I was on a packed commuter train and nobody would look up from their phones or tablets to notice my looking uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

Being able to take one of the empty First Class seats would have made all the difference - not having to worry about falling and hurting myself or someone else, and a chance to rest my poor feet that were definitely starting to suffer from swelling by then! This Mums-to-be pass is going to really make life easier and safer for pregnant mums." Bex Gower – The Mummy Adventure