Four things you could do with an extra 32 hours

03rd May 2017

A young girl viewing the trains timetable

Not enough hours in the day? What if we told you that there might be a way to get 32 hours back?

A recent survey by traffic information company, Inrix, shows that the average driver wastes a whopping 32 hours a year sat in traffic. Ouch.

Swap the road for the rails, reclaim those lost hours and do something awesome instead.

Here are four ways you could be using your extra 32 hours…

1. Pursue inner peace

Mindfulness isn’t limited to cheesecloth, incense and mountain retreats. Download a meditation app, plug in and take a restful moment to work up some feel-good vibes before you reach your destination. Ohmmmmmm…

2. Hustle like a pro

Ever tried to juggle practicing a pitch with merging into the next lane? Impossible (and also dangerous). Pump up your productivity by cramming in some extra prep while onboard a train and make that promotion yours for the taking.

3. Be a family guy

Leave the car in the driveway and travel by train to enjoy the luxury of leaving later and arriving home earlier. No more skipping family breakfasts, missing bath time or resorting to microwave ready meals. You could even buy a flexible family ticket and head off on an adventure together. You’ve got the time.

4. Indulge in a boxset binge

It’s a dirty delight we all have—getting though that must-watch series before anyone else. Crack out your laptop or tablet, pop in a DVD or pull up a download and use your extra hours to catch up on the latest entertainment.

Fun fact: 89% of our trains arrive on time* and you get a journey that’s all about style and comfort rather than blaring car horns and stress. Our recommendation? Save the jams for your playlist.

*Based on PPM Moving Annual Average from 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017. 89% of Virgin Trains West Coast arrive at destination between 0-9 minutes of scheduled arrival time.