Automatic Delay Repay: the future of rail refunds

22nd June 2016

Leaves, sofas, marauding cows, the wrong kind of snow – whatever’s causing your train delay it’s frustrating for all involved and it’s not exactly helping you be bound for glory, is it?

While we can’t recover lost time (if only we had Bernard’s Watch!) we can speed up the way you claim money back on your ticket if things don’t go to plan.

Can I get a refund for train delays?

Yes, you can. You can use our Delay Repay scheme, where you fill out an online form and we send you a cheque (or rail vouchers) if you’ve been delayed for 30 minutes or more on one of our trains. o we found a way to make things even easier and better for you.

I’ve heard that you refund customers automatically now?

Say hello to our new Automatic Delay Repay scheme. If you bought an Advance ticket type on our website or app, then were delayed by 30 minutes or longer on your journey on the West Coast mainline, we’ll automatically refund you, directly to the card you used to book.

So how does it work?

It’s dead simple and you don’t even need to lift a finger.

To be eligible for the automatic refund, you need to have bought an Advance ticket on our website or app and experienced a delay of 30 minutes or more on your journey with us on the West Coast mainline. 

If your trip ticks all of these boxes our system will work out the length of your delay and calculate your compensation. You’ll get an email from us (normally after 5am the next day) to let you know that the cash should automatically ping into your bank account within three working days. See? Quick and painless!   

If you don’t receive an email from us, your ticket may not be eligible for the automatic system – but fear not! If you’ve been delayed by 30 minutes or more, you’re still entitled to compensation and can submit a manual claim through the usual Delay Repay form.

Just visit the Automatic Delay Repay page, where full details of the scheme and the conditions are explained in more detail.

Is there a catch?

Trust us when we say the automatic scheme isn’t filled with hundreds of T&Cs. The main thing you need to know is that you’ll be eligible for Automatic Delay Repay if you’ve bought an Advance ticket from either or our app, and experienced a delay of 30 minutes or more on the West Coast mainline.

The automatic system only works for our West Coast mainline customers at the moment – if you’re travelling on our East Coast mainline trains then watch this space!

What if I was delayed and my ticket isn’t an Advance ticket, or I bought it somewhere else?

If you experience a delay on a Virgin Trains West Coast mainline journey of 30 minutes or longer, on Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak or Anytime tickets, you can still make a claim for compensation the usual way by filling out our short online form. Just pop in a few details about your journey, and your case will be sent on to our team.

If you didn’t buy your ticket on our website or app, you should also use the claim form.

Our manual compensation scheme now sends cheques by default, but if you’d rather have Rail Vouchers just select this option on the form when making your claim.

Need more information?

See our tickets section for more details on our different ticket types, as well as handy tips on ways to save on train travel. If you have any more questions on Automatic Delay Repay, head on over to this page or contact our customer service team