Save on Advance Train Tickets up to 24 weeks ahead!

19th September 2016

Let’s save some dolla’, you super-organised cool cat

Those who are familiar with ways to save on train tickets will know that the early bird catches the worm. A question we often hear by those of you looking for the best deal is, “when do Advance tickets become available?”– and that magic number is usually 12 weeks ahead.

Well, now we’ve doubled that number to a whopping 24 weeks before the travel date. 24! That’s a whole 6 months in advance.

You could book a winter day trip on a balmy summer evening! Your summer escape in December! … and well, you get the drift.

The best bit is that it means we’ve doubled the window where our cheapest Advance tickets are available. And the earlier you book, the more you’ll save.

Not only will you be more likely to get the best deal, but we hope that this extended window will make it less confusing for any customers who have experienced the following:

I’m looking at tickets really far in advance, and the tickets aren’t the cheapest prices I’ve seen advertised? Why?

We normally release tickets available for purchase onto our system several months before the travel date. Sometimes if you’re looking very far ahead, you might see tickets that are more expensive than our cheapest ticket prices. Seems kind of against the point of booking ahead right? Well, if you’ve been looking further ahead than 12 weeks before the departure date, the tickets available will usually be Anytime tickets.

Anytime tickets are for just that, any time. They’re our most flexible type of ticket, letting you travel on any service, and so cost more to allow for this.

We normally release the cheapest type of ticket, called ‘Advance’, 12 weeks before the travel date. Advance tickets are our best value tickets. They’re cheaper because they’re not as flexible (they’re for the booked service only), and there’s a limited amount of them.

So, booking in advance and Advance tickets are not the same thing?

Not quite. Advance ticket types can still be available up to the day before travel – it just depends on how many have been sold. Our busiest services will see the cheap Advance tickets sell out more quickly than others, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

But now with a 24 week booking horizon for Advance tickets, you now have even more time to grab the bargain tickets. It means that more of our customers have more time to get their hands on the Advance tickets. Get those plans in the diary and save some cash!

Tell me more about ticket types

The best way to save on train tickets is to know your ticket types. Get the low down here: