Being late is rubbish. Whether you’re travelling to a job interview or a family get together, we want your journey with us to run as smoothly as possible. And although sometimes delays are unavoidable we promise to keep you informed, to make sure you get compensation and to take immediate action to fix the problem.

To help minimise the stress, we’ve got our facts together here to give you the lowdown on lateness.

Our Website

We’ll keep you informed. Whenever there’s disruption, we’ll get information on our site as quickly as we can. This usually includes what’s happened, what impact it’ll have, and other travel options or advice for you, wherever possible.

Track 'n' Travel

The best place for up-to-the-minute information on your route, Track 'n' Travel can update you on cancellations, line delays, and even tell you how many coaches your train has.

Track 'n' Travel

Our Twitter feed

Our social media team have an average response time of under 10 minutes and can sometimes be the first to know of any issues. We even have specific hashtags for delay updates.*


#VTNEW – For the first notification of an issue causing 60+ minute delays to multiple services, detailing the cause and route/s affected.

#VTUPDATE – Used for updates and alternative travel information, links to Track 'n' Travel and Delay Repay, and explains ticket acceptances.

#VTCLEARED – The all clear. This one lets you know the disruption is over.

*When delays get serious, the number of incoming messages to our social media team can increase quite a bit, but we’ll always respond as quickly as we can.

How we make it up to you

We can’t always prevent delays, but we can try and make them a bit less painful. We invented Delay Repay as our little way of saying a big sorry.

Automatic Delay Repay

Once you’re delayed for more than 30 minutes, you’re entitled to compensation.

Just a heads up, from 8 December we’ll no longer be operating as Virgin Trains, so First Trenitalia will be handling all claims.

Automatic Delay Repay

Once you’re delayed for more than 30 minutes, you’re entitled to compensation. And if you book Advance tickets via, we’ll make sure it’s automatically put straight into your bank account. Usually you’ll see it there within three working days.


It has to be a Virgin Trains journey with no connections to other train operators on the way. If you don’t see the money within three working days, then just click here.

Compensation breakdown

  • 30 mins+ 50% of Single ticket or 25% of a Return
  • 60 mins+ 100% of Single ticket or 50% of a Return
  • 2 hours+ A full refund on your ticket price

Delay Repay Advice

If you didn’t book your ticket with us, that’s no problem. The quickest and easiest way that you can still claim your compensation is by visiting our Delay Repay page. Lemon squeezy.

Note: When letting us know the length of delay, it’s when you get to your destination that counts, not the delay when leaving. You can find all the Delay Repay T&Cs here.

  • Season Tickets

    If you’re a Season Ticket holder, you’ll be refunded the proportionate cost of the price of the ticket. This is calculated based on the following assumed number of Single journeys for the relevant Season Ticket:

    • Annual Season Tickets - 464 Single journeys
    • Quarterly Season Tickets - 120 Single journeys
    • Monthly Season Tickets - 40 Single journeys
    • Weekly Season Tickets - 10 Single journeys

delays and connections
A Virgin Train pulling into the platform

What else can we do?

If you have any thoughts on what we could do better, we want to hear them. It’s not just delay data that helps us improve, your comments are handy as well. Get in touch.