Once you’ve booked your journey online or on our app, you can pick up your ticket at the station from any of our FastTrack ticket machines. But for real convenience, why not have it come to you? You can choose to have it emailed as an e-ticket (or ‘Electronic’ ticket), or sent directly to your mobile device via our app as an m-ticket (or ‘Mobile’ ticket). You can even get it by post if you like mail. It’s your choice.

Please note however, that whether you get an E or and M ticket is dependant on the journey and ticket type you selected - you will be offered one or the other and sometimes neither.

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What you should know before getting an e-ticket
What you shold know before getting an M-ticket

How do I know if I have a e-ticket or an m-ticket?

Features of an e-ticket Features of an m-ticket
Can be printed off Is only accessible through the app
Is emailed to you Must be activated before your journey
Can be added to your Apple Wallet Can't be added to your Apple Wallet
What you shold know before getting an M-ticket

FastTicket collection

We have FastTicket machines at all of our stations. All you need to do is book your tickets online, and then check your email inbox. We’ll send you a confirmation containing an 8-character booking reference. You can also find your reference by signing in to ‘My Account’ on our site.
Virgin Trains FastTicket collection machine

Other ways to get your ticket

Getting your train tickets posted
Things to know about next day delivery for train tickets
Virgin trains staff and customers in a station

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