What is an E-ticket?

E-tickets (or ‘Electronic’ tickets) have moved collecting your ticket into the 21st Century. And now you can get one when you book your journey, for free. Your E-ticket will be e-mailed as a PDF file containing a scannable QR code within 2 hours of your purchase. You can keep this code on your phone, or print it off at home, and scan it at the gate or show it whenever you’re asked for your ticket.

Please note that this is different from an m-ticket and that sometimes the option of an e-ticket will not be available

Skip the queue

No waiting in line at the ticket machine! Go straight to the gate with your QR code print-out in hand, or ready to be shown on your phone.

Save the trees

Choose to use your e-ticket on your phone, and you’re doing your bit to help to reduce the world’s problem with paper waste.

Speed up collection

Within 2 hours of booking your journey, your e-ticket will be ready and waiting in your email. So you don’t have to add extra time at the station.

Important tips about your E-Ticket

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Keep your phone charged

If you want to use your phone to scan your e-ticket, make sure you bring it and that it’s charged. Because if we can’t see your ticket, we can't let you board.

Turn an e-ticket, into an m-ticket

Simply download our app, open your e-ticket from your Virgin Trans account, and it’ll automatically become an m-ticket.

Can I get a refund?

Once you've bought an e-ticket, you can call up to exchange it. Some flexible tickets are refundable but all advanced tickets are non-refundable.

Not all Train Operators use e-tickets

Not all train companies currently use this ticketing option. So if your route uses one of these operators, you won’t have the option of choosing an e-ticket.