What is an m-ticket?

m-tickets (or ‘mobile’ tickets) are sent to your phone or tablet via our mobile app within 5 minutes. They’re offered as a collection option when you book any Virgin Trains West Coast journey on our website or app, and they contain a scannable QR code. You use this code by scanning it at the gate, or showing it whenever you’re asked for your ticket.

Please note this is different from an e-ticket and that sometimes the option of an m-ticket will not be available.


Skip the queue

No waiting in line at the ticket machine! Go straight to the gate with your scannable-code ready to be shown on your phone or tablet.


Save the trees

Use your m-ticket on your mobile device, and you’re doing your bit to help to reduce the world’s problem with paper waste.


Speed up collection

After booking your journey through us, your M-ticket will be sent to your account via our mobile app. So you don’t have to add any extra time at the station.

How to download your m-ticket

1. Get our app

Install our free app on your phone or tablet, then log into or register your Virgin Trains account.

2. Select 'My Tickets'

Once you’re logged into your account on our app, you’ll see your m-ticket waiting to be downloaded.

3. Download

Download your ticket, but only to the mobile device you plan to use on your journey.

4. Activate

Only activate your m-ticket on the day you travel, because it only lasts until the end of the day.

Download the Virgin Trains mobile app

Download the Virgin Trains mobile app

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