Mobile tickets are the way forward. They’re available instantly, allow you to skip busy ticket queues and help reduce paper waste.

Just choose a mobile ticket when booking and we’ll email you a ticket within two hours of your purchase. You can use it straight from the comfort of your phone. Just open the attachment, add it to your Apple or Google Pay wallet, scan it from the Virgin Trains app or, if you’re more hands-on, you can event print it off at home.*

* Only available on certain ticket types, please refer to your confirmation email for details on how to access your mobile ticket.

How to use your mobile ticket

1. Use your phone to open the attachment we’ve sent you. This will be your mobile ticket with a scannable barcode. You can add your mobile ticket to Apple or Google Pay Wallet at any time before you travel. Otherwise, just keep your mobile ticket handy.

2. Go straight to the gate and simply scan your mobile ticket.

Psst… if you’d prefer, you can also print your mobile ticket. Just bring it with you and scan it at the gate.

Buying at the station?

You can still buy a mobile ticket from any of our team.

Just find a member of staff at the Virgin Trains Ticket Office.

Tell them your journey and ask for a 'mobile ticket’. They'll guide you from there!

Quick note: For station-bought mobile tickets, refunds are only available at Virgin Trains stations and tickets aren’t connected to your Virgin Trains account.