How to use your Digital Season Ticket

For the first time in train history, you can now buy your Season Ticket online and receive them digitally. All you need to do is purchase your Digital Season Ticket right here and it'll be delivered straight to your mobile in seconds. That means you'll have a mobile ticket on your phone that you can use any time you travel with Virgin Trains during the season. Boom!


Get your mobile Season Ticket instantly

Your Season Ticket will be instantly available on your phone, email or for you to print at home

No more queuing up

With your ticket on your phone, you no longer need to waste time hanging around ticket booths

Ticket Machines

Never lose your ticket

There's no need to worry about losing your ticket when it's available digitally on your phone or tablet

Help save the trees

By going digital and ditching paper tickets, you’re doing your bit to reduce the world’s paper waste

Routes for Digital Season Tickets

Digital Season Tickets are now available for weekly, monthly and annual tickets on all Virgin Trains routes!

What you should know before getting an e-ticket
What you should know before getting an e-ticket