Virgin Trains and Uber have got together to make your journey as seamless as possible. Just enter your journey details below, and we’ll send you a text reminder to make sure your ride arrives exactly when you need it. Outbound and return.

We’ll also keep track of how long it takes you to get to and from the station via live traffic updates. So, if we think you might get stuck behind a bus for an hour, we’ll make sure to text you an hour earlier to get you there on time.

How does it work?

1. Outbound and return journey

Pop your departure, onward journey and return info into the form below and if Uber operates there we’ll sort it

2. Download the Uber app

If you’re new to Uber we’ll send you a link to download the app, and make sure you get a cheeky welcome discount

3. Receive the SMS reminder

We’ll send you an SMS link just in time to request your ride

4. Arrive stress-free

The easy bit! Whether you’re going to or travelling from the station, heading off or coming home. Relax

Get 50% off your first Uber journey

New to Uber? Get 50% off your first ride

Sign up for an SMS text ride reminder and we’ll send you a download link that automatically gets you 50% off (for journeys up to the value of £10).

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Booking for 10 or more? to make sure you get the best possible price for your journey, go to our group travel page.

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