Here's to the good times we had together...

For 22 years it was our pleasure, and honour, to transport you up and down the country. Whether it was Manchester to London, Birmingham to Blackpool, or Glasgow to Edinburgh, our goal was not only to get you there, but to do it in true Virgin style. 

So before we look ahead - and trust us, there's some very cool stuff on the way for you, even without our trains - let's look back and celebrate some of the great things we've done together.

125mph tilting trains

In 2004 we launched a "Red Revolution" for you with a super-fast Pendolino train that could lean into turns and take corners like it was, well, on rails. And not only was it fast, it was smooth and stylish too - just what you'd expect from us.

500 million journeys

Since carrying our first passengers in 1997, our 3,700 amazing employees rolled on day and night, through sun and storm, to serve over 500 million journeys until Dec 7, 2019 - making us Britain's longest-running rail franchise.

First for web tickets

Did you know there was a time when you could only buy your tickets at a station? So naturally, we set out to fix this for you and in 1997, we started offering sales by phone and a year later we added purchases via the web.

...and the ones to come!

So now that our trains have gone, did you think we were just going to disappear in a puff of smoke? Hardly.

You can still buy your tickets through us, and we're selling them for every journey across Britain. We've also got a few techy tricks up our sleeve.

So watch this space!


The team at Virgin Trains