We’re a train company. We run from one end of Great Britain, all the way to the other. And that means we have some pretty unique responsibilities. We see the effect that our actions have first hand, whether that involves the communities our stations are in, the suppliers we work with, or the people who work for us and make our company so great.

Because of this, we try to approach everything we do with the same sense of responsibility. We believe that the ethical decision is always the right one, and that by doing everything we can ‘with heart’ - we can make a really positive contribution to our wonderful country.

So from treating our employees with the respect they deserve, to getting involved in local initiatives and supporting community businesses, to making sure we’re being as green as we can, we like to think we take these responsibilities seriously. But this is just the start, and we’re improving every day. 

Take a look at everything we’re up to.

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