Sometimes you travel for a weekend of partying with old friends. Sometimes you travel to catch up with the family. And sometimes you travel just to get away from it all. Whatever you’re travelling for, it matters big time, and with us, you’re bound for glory whatever’s waiting for you at the other end.

Every day we start our customers off on their journey to find greatness. What kind of glory-hunter are you?

The Football Fanatics

The weekend rolls in and fathers across the country scarper, sons in tow, to the latest football match, optimistic that their team will rise to glory. It’s a regular family fixture in the diary, so who wants to spend more money than needed on train tickets? You always book direct with us, eliminating any nasty booking fees. You are winning, even before your team score their first goal.

The Big Interview Master

The number one piece of interview advice everyone gives: “If you’re going to be late, don’t bother turning up.” No chance of that with you. While others are trudging through traffic on the motorway, you’re gliding into the city in half the time, with your eyes on your prep notes; not the road. Way ahead of schedule, you’ve even got time for a good luck cappuccino on the way in. And it wasn’t just the train that was fast… you showed some quick thinking by booking direct with us, knowing you could choose the seat you wanted and bypass those pesky booking fees. Impressive stuff. They offered you the job before you got back to the station.

The Nomad Family

Theme parks, camping, hiking, wandering around the remains of a 15th century castle….your family are born explorers and always up for an adventure. Nowhere is off limits. But adventures often don’t come cheap, so you save your readies with a family ticket from us.

Cheering on your football team? Nailing the interview? Going on family adventures? Whatever your destination, you’re #BoundForGlory. After all, it’s kind of your thing. That’s why we put the journey to glory at the heart of our new TV ad:

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