Going home from university is the perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries and get a few of the home comforts after a long term studying (and partying) at uni.

But all good things must come to an end and, after seeing friends and family back home, you’ll probably start missing your uni mates anyway. So, it’s time to take the train back to university.

What’s that? You’ve spent most of your holiday sleeping and drinking?

Don’t worry, a train trip is the chance to get yourself prepared for next semester. Here’s our list of 7 useful things to do on your journey back to uni:

Manage Your Money

We know money can be tight as a student; a recent study found nearly half of Britain’s students are worried about their finances. So, looking after your wallet is important all year round.

You could use the train trip to get to grips with your finances; have you paid your tuition fees? Have you sorted any bills out that you owe? Have you bought the coursebooks you need for next term?

With the remaining cash, calculate a weekly budget for yourself; don’t be the one who never gets a round in at the bar...

Boy on laptop

Join a Society

University isn’t just a place to work; it’s a place to immerse yourself in different societies and interest groups. 

If you’re not already overwhelmed by social invitations, why not take some time to research interesting groups you could join next term?

After all, experts say that the transferable skills that extra-curricular activities offer greatly add to your CV and that’s no bad thing!

Plan a Big Night Out

You haven’t seen your uni mates for ages, so it’s time for a big reunion night out. 

First; assemble your squad. Get on your phone and find out who’s up for a big one. You can use the time on the train to persuade that friend who claims they’re too skint to come out.

Pick a bar - an old favourite or a place you want to try out - and get the word out there you’re back in town and ready to party.


Make New Friends

They say the friends you make at university last for life. Well, why not find more on the train?!

Chances are, there’ll be plenty of people you’ve never met heading back to the same university as you, waiting to have a chat.

Find the nearest person with that personalised university hoodie on and ask them what they study and where they’re living - you never know, you might make a lifelong friend.

Finish That Assignment

Have you been staring at that essay you got given the week before you split up all holiday? Now’s your chance to get it done. 

Plug in your laptop, log on to the WiFi and start typing! Top tip: plug in some earphones and listen to some soothing classical music or atmospheric background noise to help you concentrate.

Coffee and Notepads

Research Next Term's Syllabus

As last term might be a distant memory by now, we definitely recommend getting familiar with what’s coming next semester.

Be the most prepared student in the class; almost no one else will have done the “required reading” so you’ll get into the lecturer’s good books early on.

Failing that, just read up on what this term will be covering. It all helps!

Entertain Yourself

Of course, a train journey is also the chance to relax and enjoy the ride. Before the stress of deadlines and exams hit (and you have to deal with daily hangovers again) take a moment to phone a good friend or enjoy a good book in the Quiet Coach.

Or, if you’re travelling with Virgin, enjoy our free onboard entertainment service, BEAM. From Hollywood blockbusters to TED Talks, we’ve got hundreds of ways to keep you entertained as you head back to uni.

Ready to head back with a bag of freshly washed clothes and a head full of plans? Grab your ticket back to university here.

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