About our cookies

So what are Cookies exactly? Simply put, they're tiny files automatically downloaded to any device you use, computer, tablet, mobile or more, whenever you go to a website. They're designed to make your visit quicker, easier and better.

To keep things nice and simple, we've arranged the Cookies we use into four groups, according to International Chamber of Commerce guidelines.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

When we say strictly necessary, we mean it. These helpful little cookies make sure our website works properly, and only ever run for the duration of your visit. Without them, all sorts of important stuff like searching for train times, saving purchases to your shopping basket and using a secure login just couldn't happen. That's why these Cookies are set as part of the terms and conditions of using our website.

More cool Cookie stuff

  1. They remember the information you've already entered, on order forms for example, as you move between different pages.
  2. They allow us to set up secure areas on the website.
  3. They know whether or not you've closed the Cookie notification.

Strictly Necessary Cookies used on our website:


.ASPXAUTH (.NET authentication cookie)

ASP.NET_SessionId (Standard ASP.NET cookie)

Performance Cookies

Like many other websites, we collect information about how people are using our site with the help of Cookies. That way, we can improve our website to help give visitors the things they're looking for. We can discover which sites they're coming from and which of our adverts they like best. And we can see when they've booked through our cashback partner sites - so we can reward them whenever they do so.

Using this anonymous information gives us a real insight into how we're doing and what we need to do to make our online service better than ever. These Cookies are set as part of the terms and conditions of using our website.

More cool Cookie stuff

  1. They help us to improve and enhance our website.
  2. They can tell us which adverts are working best for us, and where.
  3. They can tell us which affiliate and partner sites have led to a sale, so we can reward both them and our customers appropriately.
  4. They help us pick up any errors that may have happened, so we can stop them from happening again.
  5. They help us test designs for our website, and keep a consistent user-friendly look.

Performance Cookies used on our website:

_utma (Analytics - Google Analytics)
_utmb (Analytics - Google Analytics)
_utmc (Analytics - Google Analytics)
__utmli (Analytics - Google Analytics)
__utmt_UA-12062316-11 (Analytics - Google Analytics)
_utmz (Analytics - Google Analytics)
s_nr (Omniture SiteCatalyst)
s_vi (Omniture SiteCatalyst)

Functionality Cookies

These Cookies help us to make our content as tailored to you as possible. They do this by allowing the website to remember any information you've entered, like your username or your home station for instance. What's great about that is we can show you all the ticket prices, deals and offers you'll be most interested in - not something you won't be.

More cool Cookie stuff

  1. They allow us to bring you relevant journey price panels based on your home station or recent journey searches
  2. They save you time by remembering your previous settings, like favourite journeys and any preferences you may have.
  3. They remember your previous choices, for example, not wanting to be asked to fill in a questionnaire. Functionality Cookies mean you won't waste time being asked again.

Functionality Cookies used on our website:

RecentStationSearch (Cookie containing information about station that has been recently searched for)
GEUP (YouTube cookie)
PREF (YouTube cookie)
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE (YouTube cookie)
YSC (YouTube cookie)
alert_fbcf5436-a725-4fe5-bd63-68b2301d8c8f (and similar) (Cookie used to show or hide alerts)
sso-cookie (Cookie used by SSO between Sitecore and TTL)
SAPISID (Google cookie)
NID (Google cookie)
SID (Google cookie)
SSID (Google cookie)
HSID (Google cookie)
PREF (Google cookie)

Marketing Cookies

We know you’re busy and we are here to help. If you abandon your search for tickets or don’t buy the tickets in your shopping basket, we use cookies to remember what you had in your basket and send you an email to remind you of the contents, should you wish to complete your purchase at a later time. You will only get these emails if you are opted-in to receive marketing communications. If you no longer wish to purchase selected tickets or have already completed your purchase, please disregard the email we send. You can unsubscribe from our marketing messages at any time, by either clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any marketing email or by logging into your account.

Marketing Cookies on our website

s_nr (Omniture SiteCatalyst)

s_vi (Omniture SiteCatalyst)