Luggage allowance on Virgin Trains

Travelling light or fully loaded. Don’t worry. We won’t cramp your style. Whether you’re taking care of business with just your laptop bag, loaded up with retail therapy, or travelling with whippersnappers and well-wishers in tow, for a smooth journey check out what luggage our trains can store below.

Travel light and pack smart. Our trains are streamlined for speed and small internal doors mean the really big stuff just won’t fit. Our rule of thumb is to keep it light and small enough to carry yourself. Our general policy is that you are allowed one item of hand luggage that can fit on your lap and two larger items of luggage, each not exceeding 30 x 70 x 90 cm in size

Where can you store your luggage?

Dedicated luggage areas

For larger suitcases that won’t fit overhead (not exceeding 30 x 70 x 90 cm)

Overhead luggage racks

For medium-sized cases and large bags. Think aeroplane cabin-luggage.

Beneath your seat

Think small cases, shopping, work bags and handbags
Virgin Trains luggage allowance
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