Our Voyager and Pendolino trains aren’t just the most stylish way to get around. They also have everything you need for the journey, from fully-stocked shops, to onboard WiFi – and, of course, our amazing Virgin Trains team.

BEAM - Our onboard entertainment service
Watch, read, learn and play. For free.

Free onboard entertainment

Woman travelling in First Class on Virgin Trains
First Class

Travel like a rock star!

Child eating a sandwich on Virgin Trains
The Shop

Grub's up

Power cable

Power sockets

Never miss an email (or status update) again. On our Super Voyagers all window seats have a power socket. On our Pendolinos, every window seat in First Class has one. And there’s one at every window seat in Standard that has a table. Time to power up.


Going green

We're all about giving back. That's why our trains have features like "regenerative braking", which returns power to the National Grid when the brakes are applied. Just one way in which we're leading the way into a greener feature.



You can get connected on all of our trains. Our WiFi is complimentary in First Class, and pay as you go in Standard Class, with different options to suit every wallet.

Get connected

Boosted mobile strength

We've boosted out mobile phone signal on all of our trains. Great news if you like chatting, bad news if you like using the 'I'm going through a tunnel' line on your boss.

Quiet zone

Quiet zone

Sshhhhh. Silence is golden. Sometimes it's best to get a little peace and quiet to get your zen on. Our trains all have quiet zones in Standard.

Travelling with large suitcases and luggage on Virgin Trains

Luggage space

Bigger than you think. We have space for everyone, whether you’re travelling light or bringing the kitchen sink. Find out more.

Priority seating on Virgin Trains for elderly or disabled passengers

Priority seating

Take a load off. Our trains all have easy-access seating for disabled and elderly passengers, expectant mothers, and those travelling with children. To reserve your seat, just let us know at least 24 hours in advance by calling our JourneyCare service on 08000 158 123.