Missed breakfast in the morning rush? Need a caffeine pick-me-up (or something stronger) after lunch? Desperate to check in on the latest celebrity gossip? No worries, we've got you covered. We've got snacks. We've got drinks. And we've got gossip mags (plus, of course, broadsheets). Each one of our trains boasts a walk-in shop where you can nibble, feast and read to your heart's content.

Snackerama - food and drink

What's on the menu?

There's something about travelling that can make you really peckish. Pop into our walk-in shop and you'll find the answer to that growling tummy. We've got freshly-made sandwiches and hot snacks like bacon rolls for a savoury treat. Time to tuck in.

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That's entertainment

We're as partial to a game of eye-spy as anyone else. But if you're looking for something a little more entertaining for your journey, we've got you (and the kids) covered. Try our new entertainment app BEAM, or visit us in the shop for headphones, playing cards, pens, and more. And for travellers under six, we have free Vkids packs - each one is a treasure trove of pencils, stickers, activity books and more. Grab one fast once you're onboard - they go as quickly as our trains.

Newspapers & magazines

Whether you need to stay up to date on the Eurozone or Eurovision, our selection of newspapers and magazines will keep you in the know. We have everything from broadsheets to celebrity gossip mags. Feel free to hide a gossip magazine inside your newspaper, we won't tell anyone.

Ways to pay

You can pay the good old fashion way with pennies and pounds or if you prefer we accept all major credit and debit cards. And if you’re too cool for school, you can now pay using Apple Pay or Contactless.


Onboard drinks

Just think of us as a rolling drinks cabinet. We've got all the soft drinks you need to stay refreshed on the journey, from fruit juice to fizz. If you need a caffeine jolt, we have NERO Aroma coffee - not to mention a range of teas and hot chocolate. Or, if you'd like something stronger, (just the one, wink wink), we've got beers, wines and spirits too. Try our new Tilting Ale, brewed for us specially by Redwillow in Macclesfield. Cheers!

Virgin Trains exclusive onboard Ale