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Virgin Trains is no longer operating trains

As of 8 December 2019, Virgin Trains no longer operates trains in the United Kingdom. All tickets purchased through this website prior to that date are still valid, but compensation claims for any delays or cancellations need to be made through the company operating that train.

I’ve been delayed & I want to claim compensation
If you’ve travelled and were delayed 30 minutes or more, you can claim compensation through the Delay Repay scheme operated by the train company that carried you. This could be if your train was delayed en-route, or if your intended train was cancelled and you had to catch a later one. Some train companies also offer an enhanced scheme that offers repayment for delays of as little as 15 minutes. 

Please visit your train company's website or get in touch with them in order to claim – they’ll be responsible for compensating you.

My train was cancelled so I couldn’t travel
If the service you intended to take was cancelled (or severely delayed) & you chose to abandon your journey, you can claim a full refund from your point of purchase.

If you booked on our website, app, or via our Telesales team before December 8th, please call our Aftersales team on 0344 556 5650 & let them know you abandoned your journey due to the disruption.

If you purchased your ticket at a station, head back there with your unused ticket. If you can’t make it to the exact station, you can take it to any National Rail station who can forward it on for you (but this will take a little longer).

Can I claim compensation for a disrupted train?

Can I claim compensation for a disrupted train?
To claim via the Delay Repay scheme for a delayed service, or get an estimate for your compensation, please click here – your train company is responsible for compensating you.

5 things to know about... seat reservations

1. Most booking systems will automatically try and reserve a seat free of charge.

2. If a seat is not reserved at the time of booking then it's because:
  • The journey does not offer seat reservations (common on shorter routes)
  • The train operator has not made seat reservations available (usually around 12 weeks prior to the journey)
  • The allocation of reservable seats is fully booked

    3. Even without a seat reservation your ticket is still valid and you can sit in any vacant unreserved seat for the appropriate class of travel for your journey. (The Train Operator will often leave seats available for customers without reservations)

    4. If you have booked more than one ticket, booking systems will always try and make the best grouping of seat with what is available. Sometimes the sequence of seat numbers suggests that the seats aren't together when in fact they are. (e.g. 2 seats around a table). On many long distance routes there are usually non-reservable carriages so you may be able to find seats together on the day of travel.

    5. If you don't have a seat reservation it can be requested up to the day before travel, however we recommend you get in touch as soon as possible to reserve your seats.
  • How do I collect my tickets from a FastTicket machine?

    How do I collect my tickets from a FastTicket machine?

    Tickets are ready within 2 hours after booking online and can be collected any time before travel. FastTicket machines are located at most mainline stations or selected site locations.

    For collection, please have with you:

    1.     Credit/debit card used to make the booking.
    2.     Ticket Collection Reference given to you when the booking was made.

    For details on where you can find your ticket reference click here.


    How to use the FastTicket machine 

    1.     Press "Collect".
    2.     Insert the credit/debit card used to make the booking.
    3.     Key in your unique Collection Reference Number. Your ticket(s) will then be dispensed.
    4.     Your ticket(s) will then be dispensed. Do not remove tickets from the machine until all tickets have been issued and the main screen informs you that the transaction is complete. 

    Please note:

    The Collection Reference Number is 8 digits long and contains a mixture of letters and numbers (e.g. XZ47I89P). For all bookings you will be given a 9 digit number as your Booking Reference (e.g. 123456789). Only the Collection Reference Number is required when picking up your tickets.

    You no longer need to go to the station selected when making a booking. You can collect your ticket from any station with a FastTicket machine.

    If you have made a booking on behalf of other travellers the booking confirmation email will be sent to the email address displayed on the delivery details page.