Fancy going behind the scenes to see how we made It’s A Wonderful Line happen? Well, first we hired some little elves… Okay okay, here’s how we REALLY did it (Please note: at Virgin Trains we do not support elf exploitation).
We spent a lot of nights in cold train stations up and down our route, notching up over 60 hours of painting time
We covered 7.5km of platform between Euston and Glasgow with the script
We used 750 litres of bright yellow paint… and about the same amount of coffee
Painting more than 66,000 individual letters


We’re painting the script of It’s A Wonderful Life on our station platforms to raise awareness of the importance of looking after each other’s mental health.

Thank you all for sharing your amazing feedback and reactions. We love that the campaign has started more conversations about kindness and mental health at this time of year. We couldn’t have made it happen without our charity partner Rethink Mental Illness, the fabulous paint gurus at Bagnalls and the stencilling wizards at Laser Cutting Services.