What are you bound for?

22nd September 2015

Why do you travel long distance? It’s not just A to B, it’s A to be-brilliant. It’s for a reason, it’s because it’s important to you and yours. Head up, shoulders back, ready to face the journey ahead and show the world (or just the boardroom) who’s boss.

You’re the hero, the lead character in your own unique story. Whatever your purpose, wherever your destination - be bound for glory, we say. We’ll set you up, ready to kick ass and take names. Not sure it’s for you? Here’s a little crib sheet to show what we mean…

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Meeting the In-Laws

You’re on the way to the in-laws for the very first time. Smart-casual “hey, I’m a decent guy” threads are primped and preened. You’ve memorised your girlfriend’s brother’s names (and the dog’s). Her mum doesn’t eat wheat, so you brought a gluten free cake you smooth operator. Your winning-est anecdotes are at the tip of your tongue and you’re ready to fire them out at just. The right. Time. The charm offensive is on. All systems are go. 

The ultimate shopping trip

You’ve been day-dreaming about these sales for so long that you and your mum have re-drawn your battle plans over and over. Elbows out, shoulders down. Mother-daughter time is ON. Manchester’s best pizza is the reward for the victorious. You’re on the way to new wardrobe glory and compliments galore. You’re the queens of the sale rail.

The stag-do

The groom is dressed in a onesie, complete with nappy, dummy and a cute frilly bonnet. You’re on the train with a long list of embarrassing memories about him ready to crack out whenever the urge takes you. Everyone will know of the time the groom woke up in a skip. It’s the last night of freedom for your best friend and you’re going blow every other stag-do clean out of the water. You are on a roll and everyone knows it. 

The big break

You’re on your way to the biggest singing competition in the country. You know you’ve got what it takes and your internal pep talk isn't just a pat on the back - it’s a one-woman high five. In the zone people around you are crying, laughing and shaking. But not you. You are confidence incarnated. You are going to blast those lungs and raise the roof. You were born to be a superstar. 

Expectation? Excitement? Sheer winning? Whatever your story, we know that you are #BoundForGlory and that’s at the heart of our new TV ad: