Introducing BEAM

06th June 2016

BEAM onboard entertainment app

Virgin Trains are fast. The fastest in the UK in fact. No matter how fast our trains are though, it still takes a little time to get you from A to B. That’s time you could be catching up on the latest TV shows, watching a movie, or doing some reading, if only you could stay connected throughout the trip. With BEAM from Virgin Trains, now you can.

What is BEAM?

BEAM is our brand spanking new onboard entertainment service: it’s on demand, and it’s on us. For movies and more, from the comfort of your Virgin Trains seat, just download the app before you travel to access hundreds of hours of the latest blockbuster films, TV shows (from the latest episodes to cult classics), games, magazines and much more straight to your mobile or tablet device. 

How does BEAM work?

BEAM is hosted on a dedicated super snazzy server onboard our Pendolino trains and is streamed over our WiFi, directly to your devices using the BEAM Android or iOS app. Because BEAM is hosted onboard, it doesn’t need the internet, so it works throughout your entire journey, even when you’re gliding through the countryside with no bars on your signal. Nifty that.

How do I use BEAM?

  • Just download our free BEAM app on to your trusty mobile or tablet before you travel (Do this over a strong WiFi network at home or on your 4G network to avoid any bad buffering business)
  • When onboard a Virgin Train Pendolino (currently on most of our West Coast services, BEAM is coming to East Coast services in September 2016) connect to our wonderful onboard WiFi with your device
  • Open the BEAM app and register
  • And that’s it! Let the train journey begin and kick back with hundreds of hours of the latest TV, movies, games & more, right in your lap!

When can I use BEAM?

BEAM will launch on all Virgin Trains West Coast Pendolino services on 6 June, and the rest of our West Coast trains later in the year. And don’t worry East Coast folks, we’ll be bringing BEAM to Virgin Trains East Coast services from September 2016, so you’ll be able to enjoy top notch TV and magnificent movies all the way from London to Edinburgh.

See our route map to find out which services run on our Pendolino trains.

Where can I download BEAM?

Sounds good right? If you’re ready to enjoy great onboard entertainment on your next Virgin Train journey for the low low price of absolutely nothing, just head on over to to download the BEAM app now.

BEAM & Independence Day: Resurgence

To celebrate the launch of BEAM, we’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Twentieth Century Fox as the official travel partner of Independence Day: Resurgence, which will be available via BEAM onboard Virgin Trains. And that’s not all, find out more about Independence Day: Resurgence and Virgin Trains here.

I want to know more about BEAM

Questions, you say? We've got you covered with a detailed FAQ for anything you could want to know about BEAM right here. Well nearly anything, we’re not mind-readers.