Need to travel by train for the holidays?

Get the lowdown on holiday train times, destinations and more.

Trains on Christmas Day
Trains on bank holidays

Where can I go on holiday by train?

Whether it’s an exciting jaunt around a new city or a romantic countryside getaway you have in your sights, there’s no shortage of options for holidays you can reach by rail on our network. Our train lines stretch all the way from London to West Midlands, North West England, North Wales and Scotland.

For holidays further abroad like a weekend away in magical Glasgow or ruggedly-beautiful Snowdonia in North Wales, our trains offer exceptional comfort – so you can start your holiday on the right foot.

How can I get cheap holiday train tickets?

We’re all about helping our passengers save big on train fares. If you’re holidaying on a shoestring budget, booking tickets in advance can save you some serious pocket money.

Plus, travel outside peak periods and you'll save a bundle (and probably get a little extra room to stretch out). Find out more about Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train times.